Wednesday, March 7, 2012

DIY French Manicure! Anyone can do this!

The most classic nail look and it's so easy. Some think it can be difficult but with some practice it is simple! This is great for finger and toe nails!
Products needed:
Orange stick to push down cuticles
A nail file
French polish tip guides
White polish
A sheer pink polish (I like Kim-Pletely in Love by Nicole by OPI and Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure in Shall We Dance?)
Clear top coat
*You can buy one of those French Manicure sets but make sure the pink is sheer and not too dark. I bought one by Nailene and the pink covered the white. Not good. I wasn't paying attention to that so I wanted to make you guys aware of that.

All you gotta do it put the tip guides on all nails. Paint with white and let dry. If it messes up just take some polish remover on an old makeup brush(a flat one) and clean it up. No need to start over, it can usually be fixed. Then top with one or two coats of the sheer pink. I can use two coasts of the above polishes and it looks great. :) Again, let that coat dry before adding the top coat. And boom, you're done! haha! :D
Here is what I did yesterday:

It's so cute and looks good even on short nails! My nails refuse to grow long and healthy no matter what I try. o.O But I still want cute nails. :)
I love the Kim-Pletely In Love because it has green shimmers in it. It's very subtle but enough to add an extra touch.

Hope your week is going well! Take care!!



  1. wow that looks lovely, i defo need to invest in some tip guides because i love the look of a french manicure but i don't have the steadiest hand so always make a mess! lovely blog, now following :) xx

    1. They are cheap! You can get 90 for 2 bucks at most drugstores.
      Thank you so much for following!! <3