Sunday, October 25, 2009

Neutral look with a POP!

This look is fun for the fall. It's neutral on the lid with a POP of color on your bottom lid. You can do this with ANY color really. I usually do purple, teal or blue. Great for if you are just starting to play with new colors. Helps you ease into it. I did a tutorial for this look and will post it soon!!

Carolina Panthers Inspired Makeup!

Very dramatic (for me anyway) look. Would be great also, for a night out,party,etc..
I had to rep. my brothers fave team!! heehee!!!
Check it,

Green Bay Packers Inspired Makeup!

This look was fun to do. I did this because of the football season and picked a team I was a little familar with! hehe I will be doing a Seahawks one sooooon!!! Gotta represent the "home" team. :D
Check out my tutorial!

Green and Blue--perfect for being a Mermaid for halloween!!!!!!

This is such a fun look! Please check out the tutorial!!

BOLD Purple party loook.

I just love purple shadow on my brown eyes!! Sorry..just had to say it. lol!! Again, I used the 88 shimmer palette, if you don't have one, get one!! 88 colors for 20 bucks, you can find a better deal!!! check out
I did a tutorial for this too:

Teal And Gold Look :)

Here is a Teal and Gold look I did. I just love the 88 Palette, so many options with it!
I did do a tutorial for this look as well, check it!!

Neutral Look.

Here is my Brown Coppery Neutral Look I did. I used the Coastal Scents 88 Shimmer Palette. Of course, I just looove that thing!!!
Be sure to check out the tutorial!!
Thanks for looking!!

My Youtube Channel

So, I don't always have time to update on here when I make a new tutorial, so I wanted to provide the link to my channel.