Monday, March 18, 2013

Hard Candy So Baked Bronzer--Tiki

I had to go pick up this bronzer! It's so beautiful. I actually use it as a highlighting powder. It's way too light for my skin to use as bronzer. But I needed a highlighting powder as I didn't want to use up all my eye shadows to highlight my skin. Nothing wrong with it, but I wanted a separate product for highlighting. Hm, I wonder how many more times I can type "highlighting". LOL
Anyway, here are some pictures I took of the product.

So for some reason my swatch photo won't upload! Oh, you gotta love technology sometimes! LOL I will try to remember to try again later.

This "bronzer" gives the perfect glow to the skin. It's not over the top at all. I have oily skin so it doesn't make me look oily either! I use it to highlight my cheekbones, inner corner of the eye and the cupids bow. I had my husband look at my face before highlighting and then after and yeah, he was pretty impressed. He said he loves how it makes my eyes glow! And how my lips just shined and were begging to be kissed. :) And overall he said my face just glowed! So yay!! This product, along with the rest of the Hard Candy line is at Walmart. I picked it up for $9.

Hope you guys enjoyed hearing about this product!

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

MAC dupes!

So I have some MAC dupes for you!
I have a dupe for Satin Taupe, Vanilla, Mulch and Mystery! They all come out of the Maybelline Natural Smokes quad.

Here are some swatches:

Top is MAC bottom is Maybelline. :D Save your money and buy the Maybelline quad($60+ tax for 4 MAC shadows or $4.99+tax for Maybelline). Drugstore makeup has really stepped up their game in the past couple years! If you haven't given the drugstore a chance, maybe you should check it out soon! ;)
Look I did awhile ago using this quad:

And there are so many other ways to wear this quad!
Hope you guys are having a great day!!


Monday, January 21, 2013

My top 5 drustore picks!

So I realize I am behind. I totally forgot about the goal I made. I know LAME! :/
Life with kids and work just gets in the way.
Well, I am here with my top five drugstore picks! I got the idea here:
So here's mine:

Revlon Colorstay for Combo/Oily skin. It is STILL my favorite. Nothing else works as good for me. My color is Buff.
Loreal Fairest Nude 800
This is my favorite nude lipstick, it is my lip color but better. KWIM? It goes on smooth and I love the smell.
Maybelline One by One. It's very black and it separates my lashes well. It also doesn't get flakey.
Brow Pencil:
WetNWild brow pencil. LOVE this product and it's only $0.99. I love the color Taupe.
Maybelline Age Rewind Eraser Dark Circles. This hide my dark under eyes very well!

So that's my list! Feel free to add some of your own!


Thursday, June 7, 2012

My favorite BRONZER!

NYC Sunny!!!!!
Love this stuff. It is perfect! Great for fair complected gals like myself. Totally MATTE. I don't like shimmery bronzers. And around $3, you just can't beat it!
Do YOU like this bronzer?! What is YOUR favorite? Share with me
Hope you're having a wonderful day!
thanks for taking the time to read my blog today!

Friday, June 1, 2012

Half moon manicure!

Don't you just love the half moon manicure?! LOL Yes this is a little messy as I am still trying to perfect my technique but I still wanted to share with you guys. :D

Pink and black!!<3


Thursday, May 31, 2012

FOTD *mostly Drugstore. :)))))

Hey guys! Back with a FOTD! Hope you enjoy.

Monday, May 28, 2012

My makeup collection

Just wanted to share my ideas with you guys! Hope it helps.