Thursday, May 24, 2012

Pink french tip manicure! Great for Spring.

So here is a twist to the classic white tip manicure! Pink(my favorite color!) tip manicure!
I though this would be a great way to "change it up". And it's great for short nails. :)
You can use any color, that's what is great about this.
To the left are the products I used.
Zoya in Kali for the pink tips.
Sally Hansen Complete Salon
Manicure in Shall We Dance? over
top. Then I touched "Kali" so it stayed
bright. Then used Maybelline
Express Finish base and top coat for my top
I also used  the french tip polish guides
to help with my first application
of "Kali".
Hope you enjoyed and I hope you give this look a try!


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