Saturday, January 22, 2011

Was inspired from a picture in Cosmo! (nail polish)

I saw a really cute picture of Vanessa Hudgens in Cosmo magazine. They were highlighting her really awesome (well to me!) manicure. I so had to copy it. LOL So while at WalMart last night I pikced up two nail polish colors that resembeled the picture.
Here is the picture from Cosmo:
(February 2011 issue, pg. 84)
Pretty, right?? And oh so FUN!
Here are the colors I got:
They are from Revlon; (#925) Gold Coin and (#85) Minted. I got them from for just under $4 each.
And I *had* to give myself a QUICK paint job on my left hand to see how it looks. (Don't judge, I have two small kids running around so I had to do this quick; So it's messy. I took it off as soon as I took the pics. LOL I will repaint them better tonight!)
See?! Told you it was messy. BUT I think the colors look great and I did a pretty good job duping the colors (if I do say so myself! HAHA!). And here's another picture under different lighting: Hope this gives you some inspiration! Happy painting!


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